2019 – Exhibition ‘Line of Gunhan’

See my recent works during the Kunst 10 Daagse from 18 to 27 October 2019 in Hemeltjelief, Bergen Noord-Holland!

My works are amazingly, surprisingly mysterious, colorful and fascinating: unusual big, abstract drawings inspired by nature around human and human being self.

Each work respresents a story with line "as form of existance - as form of nullity" or "as form of freedom and  as form of might".
My experiments with a line atempt to find out wat is "to-be" of something; to depending to each other, which determine how each other can be (re)shaped. This is a research for the creation or to uncover of a new dimension(s) which they may than arise. This is a quest for the interactions between different dimensions.

My style is defined by subject of the work, so they are free artworks with mix of styles expressionism, some what conceptually, some what surrealistic. They are sometimes realistic, other time abstract, but always unmistakably unique artworks…..

About Kunst10Daagse Bergen, 18 to 27 october 2019

It is a unique event where 260 artists hold an exposition at 160 different locations at beautiful art-village of "Bergen" and beach-village and "Bergen aan Zee" in Noord Holland. You would be surprised to see how many forms of art, such as; fine arts, literature, music and other performing arts find their way to this village with international style on the edge of mountains and see. From 18 October to 27 October 2019, the whole place is a huge art atelier with numerous artists…

I hope to meet you during Kunst10daagse in Bergen!