2016 – Exhibition “Sun-Flowers of Günhan

In Witte Kerk, Heiloo
Unusual big, abstract drawings of sun-flowers, tulips and trees were exposed as an installation in the area.
Amazingly, surprisingly mysterious, colorful and fascinating works about more than sun-flowers, tulips and trees…
It’s an experiment with a line, “to-be” of something; to depending to each other, which determine how each other can be (re)shape; how is the interaction with the environment and with “to-be and not to-be”. This is a quest for the creation of a new dimension which they can than arise.
Sizes of works are varying between 40x50cm, 70x150 and 150x210cm

Maaiveld- 1 (200x100cm)

Maaiveld - 2 (200x100cm)

Maaiveld - 3 (200x100cm)

Dreaming (150x75cm)

Hier and there (150x75cm)