The paintings and an art intallation during the Kunstroute Ouddorp

Saturday 20 and Sunday 21 May 2023

The Paintings

Inspired by the later innovative works of Monet and the American abstract expressionists such as Mitchel and de Koning.
The style is a mixture of Impressionism and abstract expressionism. The technique is drawing painting with oil, acryl and oil pastel. Recognizable handwriting of de artist, unique and quirky own line.

The art installation of Günhan “DOUBT or NO DOUBT”
This is an investigation into the topicality of Shakespeare’s Hamlet.
Hamlet is constantly doubting, thinking and reflecting on his feelings and motivations.
Socrates and Descartes and Hamlet, all three contribute to thinking about human attitudes, experiences and the nature of knowledge in their own way
in own era. Now we live in a century where the need for doubt is the greatest,
may be more than before. And perhaps each of us may put question marks
and doubt more often.

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